Return and Cancellation


We trust that you cherish your Traderspay item.If the item you bought straight forwardly from Traderspay is not what you expected, please return it to us with the Traderspay Return Form incorporated into your container for a discount. You can either utilize our prepaid return name or ship with a transporter of your decision. Kindly note that prepaid marks are accessible for the Indian cities.  

Authentic items
All purchases on are new and genuine. Every seller listed with us is required to enter into a legal agreement to sell only new and genuine items. We diligently approve only those sellers who can be trusted to sell you high quality items at unbeatable prices. We don’t allow sale of duplicates, knock-offs, used items or grey-channel items on
Easy cancellations
You can cancel your order any time before delivery of your item. Just follow these extremely simple steps. Log into your account on our website/ app/ mobile website. Choose the item on the MY ORDERS page, click on ‘Cancel’ and you are done!
Easy returns
Our 7 Day Easy Returns policy makes it very easy to return or replace an item. Just log into your account on our website/ app/ mobile website within 7 days of delivery of item. Choose the item on the MY ORDERS page, click on ‘Return’ or ‘Replace’ and that’s it. Please return your item in its original packaging.

 Returns and Exchanges – Sale Items  

If you don't mind take note of that last deal things can't be returned or traded  Discounts will be credited to your record inside 14 business days (2 weeks) of receipt of your bundled return as indicated by our approaches expressed previously. These arrival approaches and methods and the utilization of the Traderspay apply ONLY to buyers who obtained their Traderspay item from  Traderspay is not in charge of any open equalizations, overdraft expenses or administration charges coming about because of the planning of charges or credits to your record. 

if you have Not able to utilize gift endorsement  You can visit and on the upper right-hand side, you can enter the blessing endorsement code and press enter to discover the Gift Certificate adjust.  

You will be not able utilize the Gift declaration if,  
•If the declaration code isn't right, or  
•There is no sum left  gift authentication code not got If it's not too much trouble check the status of the blessing authentication arrange. You will just get the blessing testament if the installment has been madefor it

  • Step by step instructions to utilize gift authentication Gift authentication can be utilized as an installment choice amid checkout. You can know more 
about blessing authentications from  Does gift authentication lapse? Yes, the gift authentication lapse following 1 year from the date of procurement  
Pieces of information Bucks not got on gift authentication On the off chance that it is not unequivocally said, Traderspay are not offered on buy of Gift Certificates  Wrong sum deducted from gift declaration  It would be ideal if you check the Gift Certificate adjust You ought to get in touch with us if there should arise an occurrence of an issue. 


How Would I Cancel Out a Request?

You can cross out your request online before the item has been sent. Your whole request sum will be . On the off chance that the thing you have requested has been transported yet has not yet been conveyed to you, you may in any case cross out the request on the web. Your discount will be handled once we get the initially requested thing over from the dispatch.  Keeping in the mind cancel before your request:  

• Log into your Traderspay account and go to the 'My Orders' page.  

• Identify the thing you need to cancel and go on the link for 'View Details' connection. 

• In the detail page, you will see "cancel" connections against each of the things in a specific order. 

•Once your cancelation demand is made, we will guarantee that the cancelation is prepared as quickly as time permits.

To What Extent will it Take to Handle my Cancelation ask?  

When you ask for the cancelation of item(s) in your request, it will take us a greatest of 1-2 business days to drop the request and start a discount. You will be informed of the same by email.  On the off chance that the Order Status demonstrates the item(s) in your request as 'Dispatched', we will handle your cancelation ask for specifically with our coordination’s accomplice. Your discount will be prepared not long after we get the wiped out things again from the dispatch.  In the event of dealers with Traderspay Advantage the discount mode will be Traderspay. The discounted sum will be made accessible promptly.  Be that as it may, in the event that you decide on having the cash exchanged back to the wellspring of exchange, it might take up to 7-10 business days for the separate banks to handle the discount. It would be ideal if you contact the banks straightforwardly if there should arise an occurrence of any postpones post affirmation of cancelation/discount by Traderspay

 What are the Methods of Discount Accessible After Cancelation?

With a specific end goal to affirm cancelation of item(s) in your request, you have to demonstrate your discount inclination. For this situation, the cash will be discounted back to the installment mode/account that was initially used to make the exchange. When you have asked for the cancelation of item(s) in your request, Traderspay will finish the cancelation and start the discount, depending upon your inclination. 

What is the Cancelation and Discount Approach on Products? 

In the event that you have as of now obtained products you can revoke the buy under the 30 Day Cancelation and Refund Policy. Cancelation and discount will experience on the off chance that we can't resolve issue inside 2 business days from the time you had reported the error.