Transportation is partitioned into regions, inside India. We utilize Parcel-Post Tracked through   We don't as of now have the site set up to transport universally, however please reach me and I will work something out for you. Things will be posted a couple times each week. 

 What are the conveyance charges?
Conveyance accuses changes of every Seller.  Venders bring about generally higher delivery costs on low esteem things. In such cases, charging an ostensible conveyance charge helps them balance coordination’s costs. The conveyance charge might be deferred off by a few Sellers, in the event that you shop with them for a base predefined esteem.  
Why does the conveyance date not relate to the conveyance time of days?
It is conceivable that the Seller or our dispatch accomplices have an occasion between the day your put in your request and the date of conveyance, which depends on the courses of events appeared on the item page. For this situation, we add a day to the evaluated date. Some messenger accomplices and Sellers don't take a shot at Sundays and this is calculated into the conveyance dates.  
What is the evaluated conveyance time? 

Merchants for the most part secure and ship the things inside the time indicated on the item page. Business days avoid open occasions and Sundays.  
Why does the assessed conveyance time differ for every vender?
You have most likely seen fluctuating evaluated conveyance times for venders of the item you are occupied with. Conveyance times are impacted by item accessibility, geographic area of the Seller, you're delivery goal and the dispatch accomplice's a great opportunity to-convey in your area.  
Dealer does not/can't ship to my range. Why?
It would be ideal if you enter your pin code on the item page (you don't need to enter it each and every time) to know whether the item can be conveyed to your area. On the off chance that you haven't gave your pin code until the checkout arrange, the pin code in your delivery deliver will be utilized to check for serviceability.  
Whether your area can be overhauled or not relies on upon .Whether the Seller boats to your area ? 
Legal confinements, assuming any, in delivery specific items to your area The accessibility of dependable dispatch accomplices in your area On occasion Sellers lean toward not to ship to specific areas. This is completely at their circumspection. 
Why is the CoD alternative not offered in my area?
Accessibility of CoD relies on upon the capacity of our messenger accomplice overhauling your area to acknowledge money as installment at the season of conveyance. Our dispatch accomplices have constrains on the money sum payable on conveyance relying upon the goal and your request esteem may have surpassed this point of confinement. If you don't mind enter your stick code on the item page to check if CoD is accessible in your area.